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baby name shame Lock Rss

i often read posts about people that love a name but are worried about what others think i know there are exceptions like apple moonwalker ect but we are all diferent and i think original and diferent names are great

i named my dd lola -simone and have copped alot of s*hit but we still loved the name and it suits our angle

my ds name is biblical and people always say its strange then when i mention its biblical they love it? blink

i dont let it bother me any more

so what do you all think?
and do you not name your child the name you love coz your worried about what others think
no, i named my DD Mahli Jade...and decided on it when i was pregnant and copped grief from family for the name itself and spelling - i just think they are rude for being so blunt lol

We came up with Callahan if she was a boy and everyone has said they hate it asnd when Mahli was born they said "thank goodness she wasnt a boy and you named her Mahli not callahan!!!" I said "what do you think my boy will be named if i have one?!"

You cant please everyone, so why try?? roll eyes

i love mahli i actually picked amahli for dd but df didnt like it but im with you if you love it go for it

i love mahli i actually picked amahli for dd but df didnt like it but im with you if you love it go for it

Amahli?? thats awesome grin

I think I'm fairly bold with my name choices, no one in my family liked the name Chase but I still called my son that. Needless to say they all love the name now. So this time round I'm not worrying too much about their opinion but I guess I still like peoples feedback to help the selection process. If I can point out potential flaws in a name or sibset then I like to know what other peoples opinion is on it but at the end of the day I wouldn't let it turn me off a name if I had my heart set on it.

We kept our name choices quiet to most people, and mumble and change the topic if anyone asked. Our close friends found out individually, and only after we said we were firm set on our names.

Josiah for a boy, which everyone liked.
Kylara for a girl which most people liked. Mum spent a fair while trying to 'suggest' we have a few back up names for a girl. Kylara is a character from a series of books that my partner and I love. We had decided on the name before I was even pregnant.

I love unique names. I don't want my girl going to school with four other kids with the same name.
In my class through high-school there were 3 other Sarahs, and we ALL were in the same English class.

My requirements for a name were
1- Unique without being so unusual she has to spell it eight times a day.
2- Abbreviates to something.
3- Full name or nickname does not rhyme with anything rude.
i named my first little girl Audrey and everyone complained that it was too old fashioned and we are naming our second Delilah Jade and everyone complaines about that one too
The day i found out i was pregnant, DH and I decided that we weren't going to tell anyone what name we chose. That way no one could judge our name and once the baby was born and named, everyone would just had to except it and they would probably be much less opinionated about it.
It's none of my business what people want to call their kids, is my current stand on the issue.


I hate really dumb spellings like names with y's by the cartload and no vowels. The poor kids are always going to need to spell those ones. And don't get me started on apostophes!!

I also feel it needs to be pointed out if they ask and I see potential "nicknames" or teasing because of initials down the road. Like I once had to point out to my friend who had finally agreed with her husband on names and name order for their first daughter who was about a week away at the time, that the initals were SLUT. They rearranged but even though I had shown how initials were important to check, their daughter will always be LUST!!!

Anyhow, I shy away from commenting too often but when I see a really bad one, I do sometimes find myself putting in my 2c worth!

i named my first little girl Audrey and everyone complained that it was too old fashioned and we are naming our second Delilah Jade and everyone complaines about that one too

Delilah Jade is beautiful. DD2 is Delilah Rose when I told everyone they all loved it. Yes it maybe an old name but its becoming common again an I was unsure on the name but when I had her it really suited her, it becomes a really cute/beautiful name for a little girl!

Everyones always going to judge ppl on their choice of name/s. I guess thats why everyone is different we all have our own opion.
I get flack for there names if i did it on purpose, i just liked both names smile (Mia & Mason) plus DP name is Jason & im jess so its all kinda matching and cute hehe Jess,jason,mia & mason,Jason/mason ect meh
DD's name is Jadzia Johanna Wissink, which when we tell people we get 'the look' LOL and i explain Johanna (pronounced Yohanna) and Wissink is Dutch (DPs family is dutch and johanna is his grandmothers name) and Jadzia is the ONLY name we could agree on!!

But we've nicknamed her JJ! I love it and for when shes a child i think JJ's fine and when shes older she can have Jadzia instead.

We copped and still do alot of flack from everyone (family included) and i just think well im not asking for your opinion and its MY daughter so deal with it. And i think its quite rude to tell a person you dont like the name they have picked out!

We've picked for a boy Talon Antonios. Which is along the same lines. Dutch and different! So im hoping we have a boy next.

At the end of the day, your the one with the child so its your desicion!
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