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Flynn or Will Lock Rss

I think we have our boys name down to 2.
Flynn or Will.
Anyway our surname is also a one syllable name so have that dilemma. The other though is do you think Flynn is too different compared to my other children's names Harry and Emma. I'm into traditional names and I just wonder if Flynn does not suit as it's not as known as my children's names.
What do you think if you heard
Harry, Emma & Flynn
I love the name will but have a cousin and friend with the name so I feel I can't use it sad
Choose the name you love most. I don't think you need to 'match' it or make it 'suit' any other names. If Flynn is the name that suits your little man. Than Flynn should be it!
My brother's 2 kids are Leah and Flynn, so i think your kids names will go if you use flynn.
I prefer Flynn the best.To me Harry and Will sound too much like the prince's.
Flynn goes with your other childrens name,Flynn isn't to different and is getting more common.
Flynn smile
I like Flynn. Its a nice name, slightly unusual but not too much. I think it works well with your other childrens names as well. xx
might be bias but i would choose flynn - oh wait i did call me little boy it hehehe
Go with Flynn smile it matches the other 2 perfectly fine!
I like Will, but probably a bit more common than Flynn, so if your after a name not everyone else has...Good luck!
Thanks everyone. Flynn looks like a clear winner. We have some thinking to do but i am aware of the whole Harry & Will royal thing which has also been an issue to decide. Hmmmmmm names are just way too hard smile
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