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It sucks when... Lock Rss

Ok so dp and I both have huge family's which means every name I like is already taken and it driving me insane I dont want my bubba 2 have the same name as any1 I no lol is that weird?? I think I like Lilly 4 a girl which no1 else I no has but I'm not sure and I want 2 b sure, I guess I still have about 7 months 2 keep thinking sorry 4 the winge lol
I know exactly how you feel!! I loved the name Mason as it was my grandmothers maiden name (we went for family names for his first and middle names) but a couple of cousins already had it so we went with the Maori version grin I really like the name Lily for a girl and also Ruby. Choosing a name is the hardest part of pregnancy I think grin
It is hard when you have big families. I have a small family but DH has tonnes of cousins and I really liked some of their kids names but they were a no-no for DH, gggrrrrr!!

If you like Lilly put your hand up now and claim it lol! just joking.

I am sure you will find a name you love and that is unique in your family.
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