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Different spelling for boys name Rss

We're having a surprise baby in June and we've sort of picked out a boys name. Eli. But I don't like how short it is. If I added an e on the end to make it Elie would you, seeing it for the first time, pronounce it as Ellie or Eli?

I kind of like Elie but I don't want him called Ellie.

my sister called her son Elijah, and calls him Eli for short. I think Elie looks more like the girls name and I would pronouce it that way at first, but maybe thats just me. Maybe Elye would make it look less like Ellie and it would be pronouced the right way, maybe, not sure...

good luck though!!
I think with an 'e' on the end people will automatically pronounce it Ellie. I like short names. I like Eli. And even with one more letter added it's still a short name! Just think, it'll be way easier for your son to write his own name when the time comes!!!

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I'm really not a fan of changing spellings to look "unique" or for any other reason either. Eli is fine as it is but if you really want something longer and use Eli as a nn some ideas;
Darn. It's the only name we've both liked so far.
And with his middle name being Roy or Royce (to honour DP's grandfather) it's hard to pick something.

I had considered Eliye. But that looks girly now too...

I'm really not a fan of changing spellings to look "unique" or for any other reason either.

Me either, but I don't like short names either. It's a tough one.
Thankfully we've got til June to pick something.

I love short names! Eli is a great name. I would say not to change the spelling though otherwise it will look way too feminine.
Eli definatly doesn't need another e!? smile

Thank you for the replies. I do like Eli but I might have to pass on it. It's too short, I like at least 4 letters...which isn't much better then three I know. I'm just weird like that.

Another name I like is Louis. However, add and e and it's Louise. I don't like it as Lewis though so once again I'm stuck!

Maybe Luis? But it looks like it's wanting another letter.

I wouldn't have this problem if DP had let me find out the gender! Lol. Picking our DD's name was easy coz we knew it was a girl.

Well what about


Any you like?
Eli Roy

Eli Royce

Both go well & I don't think Eli is too short. It has 2 syllables, so why not go with it? smile
Eli Royce is a nice name. Who knows, maybe bub will come out and look exactly like an Eli should (however that is).

I have a friend who is a couple of weeks ahead of me and they've pretty much chosen to use William. I couldn't. Not in the year Prince William gets married.
I do like Jacob who would be called Jake. But DP isn't too keen on it. Not to keen on any others listed either.
I like old names. Or names that haven't been popular for several years.

mm this is so hard i know im trying to pick a boys name for my little man due in May smile
Here are a few that we have now crossed off our list but might help you!

Jackson / Jaxson
Sean / Shaun

Let me know how you go grin
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