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What do you think of Alfie? Lock Rss

What do you think of the boys name Alfie? Middle name would be James and last name is a Z name..

i love it


I like it. I think its very cute!

I also like Archie...

Love it...very cute!!
Cute smile

It was on my baby name list when i was preg lol baby name stealer tongue I think its a cute as name smile
Sorry but I don't like it at all.
Alfie James goes well together, but I don't like the name Alfie personally.
Sorry but I don't like it either, although it is good to get opinions, you and your partner are the only ones who have to like it.
i love alfie, but that is very much the style i like - i have 2ds's Archie and Rupert... good luck
To be honest its a cute baby name but one day he is going to be a teenager and wanting a girlfriend and he will have Alfie as a name.... not to mention Santa's little helper Elfies or ELFs if you know what i mean....

also what if he goes on to be prime minister.... Don' know if i would be keen to vote for Alfie, also its a bit girlie sounding
personaly i love it. reminds me of alan langer hes my fave footy player smile also if when he is a teenage he can be called "al" or what ever oter nickname he/his mate make up. and then just alf as a man.

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