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Honest opinions about this name for a girl please! Lock Rss

I really like it for a girl.
Nirvana Faith
Nirvana Grace
Nirvana Rose
Nirvana Lily
Nirvana Ruby
Nirvana Claire
Nirvava Shaye
Nirvana Elle
Nirvana Kate
Nirvana Skye

Goodluck and hopefully your DP agrees wink
I like it. Traditional is boring. I dont think a person's name will effect how good they will do their job and I wouldnt choose a lawyer or doctor based on their name (I cant even pronounce my Dr's name lol). Besides it would be Dr Cooper smile
Yes, it does remind me of the band, and kurt and a few songs, BUT i do like it! My DS is named Oakley, like the sunglasses! His middle name is Matthew, just incase he wants to change it when he is older. So far, he likes his name and thinks its 'cool' (but hes only 5) Just remember, its your decision, you name your bub what you want to name it, dont let anyone else tell you what to do, its not up to them! smile

Thats gorgeous! I think if you find something you like then you should stick with it! Names are getting more and more unusual anyways!

I always worried about whether kids would get teased, as I really love the name Monaro for a boy. But its your choice, not theirs! smile
i knew a woman called nirvana. she was about 40 and a MAJOR hippy lol
not a bad name, but not my cup of tea.
I teach a Nevana.....I like that spelling that way than with an i. She is a nice enough kid and was thinking she probably could call herself "ana" later in life.

I like
Nirvana Emily
I like it! Its different & unique but still sounds pretty as a girls name.
If it was me though, I would spell it differently.
Maybe Navana instead? Just so its not exactly like the band smile but great idea!
Hi I signed up just to let you know the song "I smell sex and candy" is not a Nirvana cover it is a song by a band named Marcy's Playground.... Unless you are thinking of the song "smells like teen spirit"? that is by nirvana
Hehe DF is learning to play that song on guitar at the mo smile i love it!

I think it is an awesome name. Who cares about if it isn't professional. Names are getting more and more strange these days, and i think it is awesome haha I went to school with this girl and she called her son Ice blink

Maybe a middle name with one syllable? Like May or Grace?

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