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What do you think.... :) Rss

So, this is bub number 3. we have, Ella and Indiana already. Gender unknown. Not going to find out. Our lists are as follows-



Opinions wanted, thanks smile smile smile

Shenae i have always loved that name & Harvey


I like both your girls name and for a boy i like

Luke or Harvey, Jordan is ok but far to common
I like Shanae and Luke smile
I really like Jordan and Harvey for a a boy, and Lucy for a girl!
Harvey & Shanae wub
I love Shaye for a girl too!
Good luck deciding! grin

Lucy & Luke, both sounds great with your other kids names too!

I like Luke and Shanae.

Luke cause I have one and he's adorable! I know a Shanae she's 8 and a sweet girl.

My little girls favourite doll is Lucy, She couldn't say Luke at first so called him Lu or LuLu and called her doll the same so we named her Lucy. So Lucy is a little sentimental aswell.

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