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Middle name for Rachel Lock Rss

Can anyone please suggest some middle names to go with Rachel? I love the name Rachel Marie, but my mum is Maree and I really would prefer not to name the baby after anyone.

I'd like a pretty, feminine name.

Thanks, ladies.
Rachel Louise
Rachel Lee
Rachel May
Rachel Lily
Rachel Jade
Rachel Kay

Just to name a few smile
Rachel Grace
Rachel Ava
Rachel Ella/Stella
Rachel Claire
Rachel Layla
Rachel Eve
My DDs name is Rachel. I also wanted a pretty, feminine middle name so I went with Rachel Elise.

Hope you like it smile
Rachel Marie is lovely,smile you could have a variation of Marie? Like Mareena / Madison / Marita / Martina etc

Some other names that come to mind are:

Rachel Maya
Rachel Sarina
Rachel Garcia
Rachel Tahlia
Rachel Safina
Rachel Lucia
Rachel Sophia
I don't know why but 'Evelyn' popped into my head!

Rachel Evelyn


Rachel Paige
Rachel May
Rachel Chloe
Rachel Ivy

I think there are just so many pretty names to choose from to go with Rachel. GL and let us know what you decide smile
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