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Maddie or Annabelle Lock Rss

We are having a girl and our two favourite names at the moment are Maddie and Annabelle.

DH likes Maddie as its own name but we are considering a full name so she has the option down the track (Madison/Madelyn/Madeleine).

Do you prefer Maddie or Annabelle?

I prefer having a full name with the option of shortening.

Madelyn or Madeleine are beautiful

but Annabelle (or belle for short) is also beautiful

lol sorry not much help.

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

I'm so sorry but I strongly dislike maddie (we have good friends who have a "madison" so hear maddie all the time). I do really like Annabelle. I had thought of it myself for upcoming DD2. Good luck choosing.
I love Maddison but that's because I'm biased and it's my DD's name wub

But I also really like Annabelle. Hard to choose, both great names!
I really like Annabelle (shortened to belle) I think its a really pretty girls name.
Maddie is super cute! I really like the name Madison too, thought about it myself but I am having a boy smile

Good luck! Hard choice!!!!! maybe wait till you meet her - see which suits her better
I have a cousin who is madeline and im sure the only time she has ever been called madeline was when she was delivered and th dr asked what her name would be lol. She has always been maddie. Personally I think if they are never going to be called by the extended version, just call her maddie.
I like annabelle because its not as common.

i love maddison nn maddy smile

Both great names but i love Annabelle, it was on my shortlist
I love Maddison,and prefer Maddie over Annabelle.
I don't like the name Annie and I think Annabelle will get shortened.
I love Annabelle the most. Maddie is cute though but I'm not a fan of it as a name by itself.
I love Annabelle and it's on our list too if we have a girl. x

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