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Opinions on baby girls name Lock Rss

Hi Everyone, My husband and I are expecting our 2nd baby girl in about 8 weeks and we are still undecided on her name. We seem to come up with a different name to add to the list every week and i would really like to narrow it down and get some others opinions.
So far we have - Isabella, Grace, Demi and Siena
Our surname starts with A.


I like Isabella the best then Grace.
Good luck
Hi. Congratulations!
They are all lovely names. I personally like Grace as a middle name.
Perhaps you could have Isabella Grace or Sienna Grace. I am in love with the name Sophia at the moment.
I absolutely adore grace so that would be my pick.. Isabella is pretty to though

i like Isabella & Sienna


hehehhe my DD name is Sienna grace, love it!!!! its funny cause when i was pregnant with DD , DH liked Demi, and i liked sienna grace or Ava Grace, but DH gave in and let me have Sienna Grace..its just a nice, pretty girly name, so id have to say i like Sienna...and def grace as a middle name.. tongue although i do like isabella aswell...
I like Demi,the other names are nice but really common.
I have a friend who named her baby Selenna Blaire. I think that was really nice and classy. I asked her how she came up with the name and found out that Selenna was a combination of their names being, anne and les. Blaire, came from the series Gossip Girl which she was a big fan of. I just hope that the kid would not grow as bitchy as the character in the tv show.
They are all really pretty names! It depends on what you are going for ... all are very popular but Grace perhaps not so much these days, and Grace is quite old-fashioned whereas the others are more modern. I'd probably pick Grace.

My thoughts are, names that end with the same letter as the surname starts with usually don't flow together well ... so if your surname begins with A then Isabella and Siena might not sound quite right.

And, I don't know how long your surname is but one-syllable first names usually do not go well with one-syllable surnames ... so if you have a short surname then Grace might not work.
I'm with what was said in a previous post. I like Grace for a middle name so maybe Siena Grace or Isabella Grace.
I don't have plans to go again but if I did and was having a girl I love the name Harper. Happy name picking and good luck with everything. smile
As the other posters have said they are actually all lovely. I like Grace and Siena smile
Thanks for all your replies, it is nice to get the unbiased opinions of people outside our circle of friends and family. I would really love something that is not common, even a little different but my husband is not interested at all. We both really love all the names on the list but i guess we have to chose something sooner or later. We don't use middle names either so we have to narrow it down to 1 name, not 2.
Thanks again for your suggestions and advice, much appreciated.

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