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Name for bubs while pregnant?? Lock Rss

Hi my Husband keeps wanting to call our baby "Cletus the Fetus" until he/she is born, I on the other hand would like something different, anything different in fact!! He also thought "Rover the overstayer"..

Help, I am scared that these names might stick and I will end up with a cute wee girl with the nickname Cletus or Rover...

Any suggestions?
LOL we call ours Alien like Alien Vs Preditor
we called our lentil smile lol
when we went for our first scan the OB said baby was the size of a lentil so the name stuck until bub was born now we nickname her bitsi which is our cute way of calling her small abreviated from a greek word
DS was 'peanut' and then when we knew he was a boy 'little man' peanut never stuck, little man did.
This bub is 'squiggle' because it looked like a squiggle at 6 weeks lol

oh i think its a cute nickname, its your husbands way of being involved in your pregnancy and something funny that he can share with baby

Cletus the Fetus, Haha!! Like someone else said, at least your hubby is involved! My DH doesn't even bother to feel the bub kick (I am 20wk) as he just says 'i will feel it when it's stronger' and 'I will be able to actually hold it when it's born, I don't want to talk to your stomach' tongue I think it is hard for them to fully understand. I call ours: Munchkin, bubba, the grub, the bump. I try calling it by different names we have chosen (we know the gender) to try and see what will stick. I think any nickname is cute, Surely Cletus won't last when your gorgeous bub arrives. Wishing you all the best xx
Two names I have heard before are smudge and jelly bean.

We knew we were having a boy so we started calling him Fred which is now his name (Frederick after his late grandfather) but many people thought Fred was just his pre-birth name!
Double post, sorry!
OMG lol i think that is so cute! very creative. u should feel lucky tho im not even pregnant yet, trying to tho and our baby already has a nickname thanks to hubby.... its NUGGET!! i could strangle him now my whole family is in on it. whenever they talk about me having a baby it'll be something like... when nuggets here or I'm gonna buy nugget a... It drives me crazy and i will talk with them about baby names if its a girl itll be this and if its a boy it'll be that and then they say u no if its a boy it doesnt matter what you call him its still gonna be nugget!! can u imagine my child is gonna think it's name's nugget!
DS was smudge & this bubba we have been calling sprout
Cheers guys think Cletus the Fetus is going to stick.. and Hubby has solved the problem of if its a girl, "Cletet the Fetet".. So now we just have to wait until due day and see if we have a Cletus or Cletet.. lol
Cletus is cute! DS was the size of a blueberry when I found out I was pregnant and the name Blueberry stuck. It morphed into BB and Boo Boo - he's 3 months old and still gets called Boo Boo! My mum and sisters planned my baby shower and the theme was blueberry too, it was very cute.
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