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Girls name to match Georgia Lock Rss

Hi Ladies!

Hoping you can help out. My Husband and I can't come up with a girls name for our new baby. We have one little Princess already. Her name is Georgia. We're sticking with the boys names we had chosen last time (Harry or Eli). The other name we had chosen for Georgia was Ivy, but close family members have since called their little one Ivy, so that's out (unfortunately). Looking for something kind of traditional but pretty.

Thanks in advance!
Georgia and Jade
Georgia and Bella
Georgia and Layla
Georgia and Grace
Georgia and Jayda
Georgia and Ava
Georgia and Summer

Goodluck choosing a name!

Hi there,
our new baby is called Georgiana Ivy! We also have an older girl called Hazel Elizabeth... I don't know if that is any help, but we seem to have similar taste in names. smile

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i quite like Iris, and it is a similar type of name to Ivy but different enough...

I love Ella and Scarlett for girls. Georgia is one of my favs too smile
Lol- our little girl is also Georgina! She gets Georgie, but for number two if it's a girl we are thinking Katherine (which is my sister's name) we will shorten it to Kate, cause my sister is Kathy, and that way they're not exactly the same. So we may have a Georgie and Kate- but I think Georgia and Kate works too! You're welcome to use it! smile
Not traditional but i love the name Kahlan.
I have a friend who has a Georgia & Eloise.
A girl I know has a Georgia and Chloe which I think go really nicely.

I also think Georgia and Olivia are nice.
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