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Stuck on girls names - my shortlist seems to be getting longer! Help. Lock Rss

I posted a while ago so sorry for repeat post but we've not got long to go and my list is not getting any shorter!

Below is our list. Big brother is Sam (17 months).


And recently I've been thinking of Lila and Rosie...

hey i really like grace with nn gracie its very cute and annabelle is also really nice ruby is very common atm but it is nice i like a bit more un common though i'd probally pick grace smile
Personally i like Lily, Annabelle and Ruby from your list. I can see why your having trouble, they are all really nice names!
I like Lily Grace too, but that is because i have a Lillie Grace. Good luck
I love Ruby my neice is Ruby and when they told us her name I wasnt keen on it but I love it now and Maddie would it be Madeline and shorten to maddie or would you just have it as maddie. its my cousins name(well madeline) and I love it but maybe cos I love her lol
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gracie! DS2 would have been Gracie had he been a girl.
I think Gracie or Lily sound best with Sam.

I like Lily,Maddie and Lila is a pretty name.
Lila Grace sounds beautiful smile
lila, rosie and ruby were all on my list so they are my favs from yours..
I love Annabelle and Abigail from your list. They are gorgeous names and not as popular as the others in your list.

Annabelle Rosie
Abigail Lucy

I love the name Lily. It is one of my favourite flowers.

How about:

Lily Rose OR Abigail Rose OR Grace Abigail

Have fun.
I LOVE LILY...but then again i am slightly biased. lol.
(my favourite flower AND my favourite little person! wub )

And if/when we have another girl it will most probably be Ruby. (I love short pretty names for girls and short masculine names for boys.)

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

I like Ruby and Annabelle smile Ruby Grace?
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