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ryken?? Lock Rss

hi all,
we are expecting our second baby in december,
we are having a boy, i thought we had decided on Cyrus as a name, but then my DH said why dont we keep looking and see what else we can find..
now he randomly suggested "ryken", but i had never heard it before and im not so sure if i like it or not...
i tend to go for american-sounding boy names, so i would love any more suggestions (unusual but not too weird, things like Cyrus, Payton, Blaine etc)
and what's your opinion of Ryken?? our last name is HYDE which is very difficult to put names (think Kane Hyde, haha) and we have a daughter, Ebony.

Lol. I like it!!

*am now trying to think of funny names to put infront of Hyde*

No, not a fan.
Love it!! I love uncommon names smile

Not a fan about Bentley ?

No, not a fan.

me either
sounds like medication perscribed to people, like ritalin for adhd

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sounds like medication perscribed to people, like ritalin for adhd

Couldnt agree more

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

Is it pronounced "Rick-en"?

There is a character in Game of Thrones with this name. I like it!

Reminds me of that American prison Rikers which you hear mentioned in shows like SVU. Its thought to be named after Abraham Rycken
It's funny, when we went to get professional piccies of the boys the photographer kept calling my boy Ryken, when his name is "Ryker", I kept correcting her but she kept calling him that tongue

I don't mind the name, however Ryker is a dutch name and my family are dutch. Go with what your gut tells you, not anyone else grin
haha love the ritalin comment, told DH that one. that prison thing is a bit of a worry :S (googled it lol). i suggested bentley to him before but he doesnt like it. so difficult! my mum suggested connor today and he said he likes it, but i forgot his friend's son is connor! so still no progress sad

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