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What do you think of Georgia? Lock Rss


DH threw one at me last night (a rare occurence). He likes Georgia, so much so its at the top for him. What do you think?
I like it, we just named our new baby Georgiana as I wanted something a bit less common. I also love old fashioned names and Jane Austen (Georgiana is Mr Darcy's little sister). I prefer Georgia to Georgina, although I like Georgina too!!
While I probably wouldn't use it, I do think it's very pretty and when I hear it, it only brings up good thoughts - I've only known one Georgia and as well as being attractive, she was a lovely girl.
I like it! It's very sweet and pretty. I know a georgia, hers is spelt jorja which is different and she is the sweetest little girl

its a really lovely name smile
Love it, it's a stunning name.
it's on my list too - except "Georgia Browne" has a bit of a funk soul sister feel to it!
LOVE IT!!!! i have a Georgia Ashley grin
yep love it smile
I really like it. It's very pretty and a classic name. I can't use it though as BIL's name is George and it's just too similar, and our surname starts with J which I don't think sounds right together either. hehe....

I love it and have always loved it (too bad im having a boy!)
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