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please throw some middle names at me... Lock Rss

Finding it difficult! We're not really into trational names.

We have picked Maya for a girl, and Jai for a boy (pronounced ' Jye')

Some help would be appreciated!

Not to sure but LOVE the name Maya. Very pretty smile
I have a Nyah- some middle names I had picked for her

I'm TERRIBLE with boys names (thankfully didn't need any) so can't think of any off the top of my head there sorry.

Good luck

i like to use names from the family for middle names. For example... my oldest son has his fathers middle name as his first middle name and his grandfathers first name as his second middle name (yes he has two middle names) one of my twins has the english version of my grandfathers name and the other twin has his fathers grandfathers son (from another marrage) who died young. this baby with have if a boy his fathers middle name as his middle name(difrent father) and if a girl my first name as her middle name which is also her fathers mothers name. But if a girl she will likely have 2 middle names as i really like Rose as a middle name but there are no Rose's in either side of the family.

Mum to 3 boys

Oh thanks.... love some of these... especially poppy! Dd1s middle name is grace after my nanna but the other family names we have to choose from are Margaret, Lois or Judith.... and for a boy the only family names are Bruce, Fred or peter - I just can't do those names! Lol
Why are boys names so hard? What does everyone think about Jai Dallas? I still don't particularly love it but I seem to not love any boy names...... I did like lacey may for a girl but hubby hates it...

If it were me... first thing that came to mind

Maya Lee

Jai Devon
I don't mind Dallas- not a name you hear often. The only boys name I can think of to match Jai is Dylan which is my fave boys name smile

Love both your picks.

Maya Rose
Maya Hope
Maya Jane
Maya Paige
Maya Jade

I like Jye Peter
Jye Matthew
Jye Cooper

Hate thining of boys names way harder than girls, lol.

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