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How would you spell it? Lock Rss

Hi all,

We've decided on a name for our little boy but we're not sure which spelling to use:

Aidan or Aiden?

Thanks! smile
i reckon aiden is better :)9
i reckon aiden is better :)9

sorry ds made it happen somehow unsure
i reckon aiden is better :)9
I have an Aiden but I wanted to spell it Aidan, DH said you choose the name I choose the spelling. smile
I love this name! It was on my list but DH didn't like it.
I like it spelled Aiden
I think Aidan is the more common so most people would probably spell his name this way if guessing it. I loved Aden.
I like ayden too!
I'd spell it Aiden smile
I've never seen it spelt Aidan. I'd go for Aiden smile

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