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whats your thoughts on this name???? Lock Rss

ok so im pregnant with another girl and me and dh can not find a name for her...... we want something girly but not to "american-ish" dd is sienna so what are your thoughts on mekah????? as in ME-KAH.... or an easier way to prononce it ME-CAR lol.... do u think its girly enough and does it go with sienna??? when dh said it i liked it but now im not to sure if it goes or if its girly enough.... honest opinions please....
also how would u spell it??
My niece is named Mika pronounced the same though. Also, the doll from play school is named Meeka. I love the name.
i see it more of a boys name
But i like Meela for a girl smile
LOVE it!
I think it's a really nice name, and goes well with Sienna!
I think it is lovely, and spelt Mika
I like mekah same pronunciation as Mieke which I believe its German sort of like our Michell, I learn alot from euro trip lol
I automatically think of it as a boys name because I went to school with a boy called Mika. But I actually quite like it as a girls name, but to me its not a pretty pink frilly girls name if that makes sense, but that's probably just because I knew a boy.

Good luck choosing smile
THats my dogs name Spelt meika smile it's a awesome name thats why I used it before I had a kid haha. Nice girl name
It's a lovely name but not sure if it goes with Sienna.
Kind of makes me think of Sienna Miller.
I sort of like it. I think it is cute and I think it does go with Sienna.

But personally I wouldn't use any name where you have to tell people how to pronounce it, or where it is not spelled as the sound would suggest. The child will go through its whole life correcting people. My name isn't even that unusual and yet I have to do that.
its not to bad its kinda like tamieka i went to school with a tamieka

my sisters name is sienna too other names my mum used were christina faith thea indianna and ruby
i dunno why i am mentioning that tongue
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