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  5. whats your thoughts on this name????

whats your thoughts on this name???? Lock Rss

I think it's a pretty name but I don't really think it goes with Sienna

I automatically think of it as a boys name because I went to school with a boy called Mika. But I actually quite like it as a girls name, but to me its not a pretty pink frilly girls name if that makes sense, but that's probably just because I knew a boy.

Good luck choosing smile

my 3rd sons middle name is Mika, a very popular boy's name in Finland.He does not like it because the kids at school say mickey mouse lol but I was born in finland and wanted a name to reflect his heritage.To me its not a girls name but who cares, if you like it, go for it

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I like it spelt Meike or Mika.

ok so im pregnant with another girl and me and dh can not find a name for her...... we want something girly but not to "american-ish" dd is sienna so what are your thoughts on mekah????? as in ME-KAH.... or an easier way to prononce it ME-CAR lol.... do u think its girly enough and does it go with sienna??? when dh said it i liked it but now im not to sure if it goes or if its girly enough.... honest opinions please....
also how would u spell it??

I read a book with the main character was call Makaydee (pronounced Mak-kay-dee) which I thought was a pretty cool name think that is how it was spelt (she is in the Tara moss books if you wanted to double check spelling) she got called Mak for short. I thought that name was funky but I am way to traditional to head down that path wish I was bold enough...
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