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Need ideas for middle name Lock Rss

We found out we are having a boy his first name is Damien but we cant really decide on a middle name we were looking at Scott or Kain but havent decided we are also looking for other opinions to go with Damien. The last name is Michell (not Mitchell not Michael but Michell its french)
well Kain or Kane is vampiric lol hubby came up with the middle name or razzeal(both vampire names from some game Im lucky I didnt get Master Chief) the other thing he came up with as a joke was Lucifer lol but see Damien only ever became anything "demonic" cos of that omen movie its but yeh so suggestions people
Damien Tyler
Damien Andre
Damien Tai
Damien Shiloh...

or Noah, Lucan, Lucas, Matteo, Lorenzo, Alfonso, Jedd, Jaed, Jack, larry, Oro, Micah.... I could go on for ages...
My oldest sons middle name is Kaine after my brother his first name is Noah we used to joke all the time that it was because he was a mix of good and evil me being good and his father being evil tongue family names are always good as middle names then no one has a choice but to like them smile
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