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Another one for the list.. what do you think? Lock Rss


Back again, sorry! Like another recent post I just read, girls names are so hard as there are so many nice names to choose from!

We have two concrete names on our shortlist but my husband and I now also like Paige and Clara. So we have 4 top names.

What do you think of Paige or Clara?

Our list is Annabel, Georgia, Paige and Clara (or should I say, the top of our list).

Thanks so much!
I had the same issue! So many beautiful girls names i loved then i found out i was having a boy and it took forever to find one i liked. I think Paige is lovely smile
I like Paige, very pretty and girl but not so keen on Clara. I like the other names on your list though. Good luck choosing, I found girls names much harder than boys, lucky for me I didn't have to worry smile

Of course I LOVE Paige....its my DD1's name wub

Next on your list I love Annabel
then Georgia

Not a great fan of Clara
I very much like Annabel - that was on my "longlist".

I quite like Clara - I like that it is old-fashioned and somewhat different.

Not really a fan of Paige or Georgia - they're both nice names but to me they sound a little bit dated in that they were both extremely popular maybe 10 years ago or so.
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