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middle name for Alex????? Lock Rss

Hi All

I am due my 2nd bubs in sept we ahve chosen Emily Rose for a girl and we both like Alex for a boy but we can't think of a middle name can anyone help us please its driving me crazy!!!!!!!

Carolanne,Cameron & Emily born 8th sept

Congratulations on the upcoming birth!
Alex Michael
Alex Jacob
Alex Thomas
Alex Clayton
Alex Nathan
Alex James
Alex Ryan
Alex Jackson
Hope these give you something to think about.Love your girls name!

How about...

Alex Kyle
Alex Mackenzie
Alex Keagan
Alex Bailey
Alex Cameron
Alex Benjamin

Hope this Helps!!

Love your girls name it's my favourite. How about
Alex David
Alex Kalan
Alex Mitchell
Alex Rhys
Tell me to butt out, but just something to think about, incase someone else with a big mouth has not said it to you already.....
I really like the name Emily and had it down as my second choice. I also like Rose and will probably use it as the middle name for my first option.
I know we all hate it when someone says something bad about the name you have picked when you really like it but......
And i am really sorry.......
It may not even bother you.......
When i read Emily Rose together it reminds me of that movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Im not sure if you have even seen it. And if so, you may not even care. I still like the name though. Big apologies if I have said too much.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

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