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Which name is better??? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and still undecided on a baby name. It's down to 2 now, Riley or Lucas. Which is better??

Lucas smile

I know too many rhileys atm!
Lucas, all the way. I agree with PP, I know too many Rileys! Good luck with bubba, and wishing you all the best!
I have a Riley and a Lucas smile so i love both but there seem to be alot more Rileys since mine was born 5yrs ago, and my lucas is only 3 and i dont know a single other one where as i know of 5 or 6 other Rileys smile

you could always have Riley Lucas or Lucas Riley for his name smile

Lucas! Too many girl Rileys around smile
I have a Lucas so I LOVE it! smile

Lucas smile
I know of lots of kids named Riley

I prefer Lucas. Funny though, I'm in NZ and have NEVER met a Riley of either gender! There are plenty of small boys named Lucas though...
Oh yeah, and I'm a teacher so meet A LOT of people with a lot of different names grin
I think Lucas it is! That was my first choice but hubby keeps changing his mind between them both. He's back on Lucas at the moment so I hope he stays like that for a couple more weeks. Thanks so much ladies, it means a lot that you all took the time to respond smile xx

I vote Lucas too. I do like Riley (my son is Ryan) but it is unisex and I prefer "boys names" for boys if that makes sense!

Our beautiful boy arrived 16/12/09

Lucas DH doesn't like it but I do. DD has 5 Riley's in her toddler room at daycare. They all get referred to as Riley + the first letter of their last name. Good luck with bubs

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