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Fighting over middle names Rss

Having a late dilema with my partner over our sons middle name. We had decided on Lincon Hayden. Hayden is my partners middle name and I loved the fact that our son wld share his daddys name. Then just the other day, as im thinking im in labour, he goes and says that he doesnt like the name anymore and wants to change it to Luther or Callel. I really dont like the names and he has actually chosen those names because he is a huge Superman fan and I think its a bit silly. He argues that he has equal say but I just cant see it and we have been calling our baby bump Lincon Hayden for the last 7 months so I cant see him as anything else now. I really dont want to fight with him about this I just dont know what to say to him. Running out of time too. We are going into be induced in 2 days!
Dont say anything or tell him let's see what he looks like once he's born! wink The meaning behind Hayden is great & once he sees what you go through to have bubby he'll let u choose any name u like!? Lol Plus there's heaps of super cute baby outfits in superman theme (lil grow suits with capes even) so that should keep hubby happy & he could always call him Superbaby or Superlinc as a nickname if he likes! Good luck! grin

Yep you both have equal say over names. That's the reason that you have a right to say no to names you don't like! I'd leave it too- bring it up when he's saying hi to his new baby with tears in his eyes! Lol

I had to laugh at the superman thing as a friend of ours named their son Jor'el, which is superman's fathers name? When she was pregnant she told me that was going to be his name, I thought she was kidding, but that is what he was named! Funny enough it actually suits him.

Anyway, this ain't helping you. Perhaps just say to him, no you don't like those names and if he doesn't want to use Hayden he is to come up with something else (not a superman name). He is right in saying he does get some say too, but you can also say no, just like he wants to say no to Hayden.

This whole name thing can be hard. My DH and I discussed names for weeks with both kids. DD1's gender was unknown during pregnancy, but when she arrived, it came to us what her name was. DD2 we knew was a girl, but that didn't help us decide on a name. She was born and unnamed for 24 hours before a name came to us. So what I'm saying, if you don't want to do what I suggest above, wait to he is born and see what suits him. And don't forget to say no to a name you don't like smile

Just out of interest smile What did you name him?
Omgosh i am also fighting over baby middle names. number two is half way here and we used my partners names for sons middle name and id like to choose our seconf dons middle name, which is my grandfathers name he was/is like a dad to me, but partner wsnts his middle name which is his dads..i feel like its all about his family i dont even have the same last name as my boys...feeling a bit unimportant and also dont agree on first names but i said id go with his for my choice middle..
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