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7 weeks out and cant decide Lock Rss

Hey Everyone,
Seeking some help hubby and i cannot agree on baby names. This is baby number 2 and we dont know what we are having boy or girl.
The names that we are on some agreeance is as followed. Surname is Cameron.

Lleyton James or
Wyatt (unsure of a middle name maybe James,Luke, Matthew)
Taliyah Grace
Kaliyah (said Ka-lee-ah)-(Unsure of middle name maybe Grace, Kate, Paige)

I am thinking because the names we like are a couple of syllables long and so is out last name the middle names would have to be short and sweet. Would love to hear from you all. wink
I like Lleyton James for a boy and Kaliyah Paige for a girl.

Good luck smile
All nice names! smile
My picks would be Kaliyah Paige for a girl, and Lleyton James for a boy!
Good luck!!

I like Whyatt James and Taliyah Grace smile

Ooh I love all your names you have chosen wub
I think Wyatt goes better with your last name.
I like Wyatt Luke Cameron smile
Girls I love them both.Grace is a nice middle name,I also like Claire and Shaye as middle names.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kaliyah Paige xx
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