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  5. Ashlie likes Harper, Harlow or Grace. What do you think?

Ashlie likes Harper, Harlow or Grace. What do you think? Lock Rss


I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favourites. But I need your help to choose the best! I can't decide between these names:

[/item][/list]You can cast a vote to your favourite here

And let me know what do you think of the names from my list? I'd love to hear your opinion!
i love grace! its my DDs middle name, my friends DD gets called gracey and its sounds so pretty especially when she herself says her own name!
I think Harper is gorgeous and its a little bit different smile
Grace is just dripping with sophistication and class, It seems very modern yet not over used. that's my opinion i hope it helps smile
I love the names Harper and Harlow.I can see that Harper might get popular now,so I would probably choose Harlow.I love Grace as a middle name.
I love the name Cruz for a boy,followed by Blayze.
Harper and Harlow were high on my list as well!!
Absolutely love both of them (just cant get hubby to agree to them).

Grace is so beautiful though and will definitely not age.

Good luck.
I like Harlow and Harper, maybe even use Grace as a middle name smile

Harlow Grace
Harper Grace

Very pretty smile

I love Harlow smile
I think Harper is really cool - but thanks to The Beckhams is becoming far too popular. Grace is pretty too, and like a PP said, won't age. smile

I like Harlow. One of my best friends identical twin girls is Harlow she is so cute! Cheeky and very girly. Her Sister is Shiloh.
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