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Do you think it's ok to have two middle names?? Rss

Hi there,

I'm just wondering what you all think about having two middle names?
My hubby and I have chosen a first name and middle name (actually I have always had my heart set on these two names and hubby just happens to love them too, phew!) but hubby also really wants to name her after his sister. She means absolutely everything to him and I totally understand why he wants to.
So we were thinking of popping that name in there as a second middle name, what do you think?
Does anyone have two middle names or have children with two middle names?
Does it bother you at all?

Any thoughts are appreciated, thank you!!
My brother and SIL gave their daughter 2 middle names, as the 1st and 2nd names are quite long it is a bit of a mouthful but it suits her!! I think that it is a lovely gesture to name your baby after DH's sister!!! Im sure she will love and appreciate it so much!!! We gave our son my brothers name as his middle name and he was over the moon!! But kept forgetting DS's first name!!! lol xxx
My brother has 2 middle names. One name is after his dad and the other is after his granddad. I think it's kinda cool to have two, I only have one and it's after my grandma smile

i think 2 middle names is fine, but i think if you have other children or going to have more children i think they should also have 2 middle names
I love the idea, I really wanted it for our DD - it didn't match her first name so I would have put another one inbetween, there is a family name and she would of been the 5th generation to use it but DH didn't want two middles names so keeping it on hold for the next one.... if it's a girl. My Grandma has two middle names.
Nothing wrong with having two middle names smile I reckon it makes it abit more interesting lol

I have two middle names myself wink
Thank you all so so much for your opinions! Muchly appreciated!
I just wasn't too sure how common it was and needed to know whether people had had any bad experiences as a result of having two middle names and that sort of thing but it all seems to be ok.
And I think I just needed a bit of reassurance that it's ok to do, but now I know it's the right thing to do!
Nospringchicken, yes his sister will be so over the moon, I can't wait to see her reaction! She has been hubby's only rock and constant best friend his whole life and is now one of my best friends too, so she deserves it!
Yay, I'm glad thats all sorted, just have to wait another 6 weeks for her to arrive.

Thanks again everyone!!
I used to think it was strange to have two middle names, until I had DS. We had his first and middle names picked out about half way through the pregnancy, then at 7 1/2mths my grandfather died. He was so looking forward to me being a mum and meeting my lil boy that I gave DS his name also. But my grandfathers name is also my dad and brothers middle names, so kind of meant alot to them also.

So, now I think that I should open my mind up a bit more! And 2 middle names are ok!

My baby due next year is getting 2 mmiddle names.
The first one is my fathers name, who dropped dead unexpectedly a few years ago. The other is my surname smile
The cool thing about that, is my boy's 2 middle names make up my late fathers first and last name - so he carries it on "inside" his first and last name.
(We decided on my partners surname as baby's surname - not because he is the male, but because his surname sounds MUCH better than mine lol)
DS1 has 2 middle names, his 1st is DPs dads (passed) middle name and his 2nd is my great pops 1st name. DD and DS2 both have just the 1 middle name. DDs middle name is my sisters middle name, DS2s middle name is DPs middle name.
My neice (sisters daughter) has 2 middle names, her 1st is my mums middle name and her 2nd is her dads mums middle name.
my dd has 2 middle names. no problems at all.
I was always anti, as I have a long first name that is always shortened and it always bugged me that I had extra to put on paperwork (personal thing).

That said, we used my 2nd favourite name with all 3 kids. I already had family names picked for middle names and now kinda regret not getting to use my favourites.

I keep telling DH im gunna add them in legally one day - lol.

We have
Hallie Gwenyth
Eden Kaydi
Riley Jack

I would add
Hallie Gwenyth Maya
Eden Kaydi Dylan
Riley Jack Quinn.........

Any thoughts??

An option is to combine names if possible. DD2 has Kaydi after her Grandmas Kay and Diana (we liked the name Cady and changed the spelling). Or to hyphen names so its technically one.....

Good luck, its such a big decision x
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