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Middle name to go with Jordan for a girl.. Lock Rss

Hi im expecting my second girl in may 2012 (Im currently 23 weeks pregnant)

Whether my partner likes it or not im having Jordan.. (Because he picked our daughters name, Alexandra)

Trying to pick a middle name..... Does anyone have any ideas with the name Jordan?
I know a Jordan Lee...
Did you want her to have a nickname like JR or JT?

I always think of initials for some reason and include that in my thoughts for a middle name. Oh I think of syllables too. Did you want one or two or three+?

One Syllable:
Jordan Rae
Jordan May
Jordan Rose

Jordan Elise
Jordan Alice

Jordan Emily
Jordan Elizabeth
Jordan Louise

Jordan sounds to me like a strong name, did you want a feminine middle name?

Its so bloody hard to think of a middle name lol

I dont think we can have Jordan Lee as my daughter's name is Alexandra Leah..

Then it has to be a name my partner likes...

Im thinking Jordan May.. My middle name is May.. lol
First thing that came to mind was skye.... Or jade.... smile
I'd definately go with something feminine as a middle name because I know a couple of boys with the name. But definately don't let that put you off, i'd use Jordan as a girl's name in a heartbeat (love it for a girl) but my good friend named her son that.

Many of the suggestions I could think of have been posted. I think I like Jordan May or Jordan Rose the best smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

I know a Jordan Lee...

My first though was Jordan Leigh smile
I like Jordan Marie or Jordan Eve
How about Jordyn? I just thought that this spelling looks a little more feminine.
I like Jordan May/Mae
Jordan Paige/Saige
Jordan Grace
Jordan Layla/Ayla
Jordan Elle/Ella
Jordan Claire
Jordan Lily
Jordan Macy
Jordan Kate
I second the Jordyn thing.. Oh, Just remembered that DH's cousins little girl is "Jordin Ivy"... smile

Im thinking Jordan May.. My middle name is May.. lol

That sounds really nice and means something special too.

A friend of mine has a Jordan Michelle which I thought was really pretty.

I quite like the spelling Jordyn. That is how a past head girl at the school I teach at had her name spelt. She was just a great kid too smile

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