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Jyla Willow

Eden Willow

Eva Willow

This is my shortlist for a girl (finally!)

And also.... do you like the name Jy Cruz for a boy? Be honest... you can't offend me! smile

I love Eden Willow! That's just beautiful.

Jy Cruz is also nice, second name suits the first smile

Great choices!

My friends little girl is name Eden so i love that name. And Willow is beautiful.

I love the name Cruz but Jy not so much. smile
I like Eva Willow a lot!

I like Jy but am not a huge Cruz fan smile
Eden willow! That's beautiful! Not a huge fan of jy but I think that's because I knew one in highschool... smile
Beautiful. I love them both!

Great choices for names hun grin
Thanks girls, feel like I'm slowly closing in on something finally. Pity hubby doesn't ever agree with me but seeing as he makes no suggestions he'll end up having no choice as our due date creeps up!

Am leaning toward Eden willow, absolutely love it however hubby vows & declares he hates the name Eden.. which is why I need a couple backup names.... hopefully he'll come round!

Any other suggestions for Jy? We've agreed on Jy but the middle name is still in question...

Eva Willow
I love Eden Willow and Eva Willow. The boys name is OK!

Hope your dh comes round to what your thinking of smile
Eden Willow for sure!!! Eva is nice too!! Im not much of a fan of Jyla though.

Jy Cruz kinda reminds me of a Taio Cruz or something. But who really knows peoples middle names anyway as they grow up! What abot Ty Cruz? Jai?

Good Luck!!
Eva Willow is pretty, I don't like Jy or Jyla.
I love the name Eden, is actually on my list for girls too, Eva I love as well.
Love the boys name Jy.
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