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baby names :D Lock Rss


as stated in previous post my dp and i are TTC bub 2. we have come up with names but i would like some opinions on them.

for a girl we like Kyahna Rae (middle name my dads first name spelt different)
for a boy we like Aydan James (middle name dp brothers and late grandfaters middle name)

I think your choices are lovely, I can see that you like names to be a little on the different side but not totally out there! I admire people who find names like this rather then using the same tom dick and harry names smile
good luck with ttc
I too think they are lovely. smile
I like how you are using family names...

Good luck with TTC!
I love your choice of girls name! The boys name is nice too.
Good luck with TTC smile

thank you, i love being different, i hope i concieve soon grin
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