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Niamh or Neeve Lock Rss

Are second daughter is due in 5 wks and her name is going to be Niamh but we are having concerns about spelling it this way! Our first daughter is Isla and at the beginning everyone got it wrong but now it never happens. So our issue is we want baby 2 to have a traditional Irish name and I feel names should b spelt correctly but on other hand I'm so worried about her name never being said correctly !!! So it can either be
Niamh Grace
Nieve Grace
Neave Grace
Neeve Grace
Please please some help
Spell it properly. As somebody who cares about the future of language, we don't want to resort to spelling things how they sound. willoh. mycool, hidee. if people don't know how its pronounced, you can educate them and they will be better off. If you name your kid to account for people who don't know how to pronounce it...well you may as well call her candee. laugh
Spell it traditionally Niamh is gaining popularity so I think people will catch on quick there are 2 Niamh's in my DS swim class and I know of 3 others!
I like Neeve smile
It is a beautiful name either way.

Can I please ask how it is pronounced?

I was thinking same!!
Niamh I like.

ME - 23
DH - 25

Miss Willow

Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy!!

Spell it the proper way. People will get used to it!
Niamh Grace is lovely smile

I see. Wasn't sure however I think it's lovely.

I am all for names that aren't too common, my daughter has one.
It's a beautiful, traditional Irish name, I think it should be spelt the traditional, Irish way!
well i would have definately said that wrong!!!
if i was naming my child that name, which by the way i wub i would spell it Neave


Personally I would go with Neve Grace!?
Sorry that's no help at all but like the actress Neve Campbell!
So many people have no idea how to pronounce Niamh!
Good luck deciding! smile

Plus I like that Isla & Neve have the same amount of letters!? smile

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