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Beatrix Lock Rss

My husband and I love the name Beatrix, but with the Dutch pronunciation 'Bay-uh-trix', rather than the English pronunciation 'Bee-uh-trix'.

How difficult do you think it will be to get people to pronounce it the way we like it?

We also love Bay as a nickname. Do you think think this will help people to get it right?
If it still spelt Beatrix, then you'll probably get the English version. When you put it up phoneticially I had no issue with how it would be said, so maybe you might have to go with your own spelling.
I like the name, but might be bias as I collect Peter Rabbit and love Beatrix Potter's work.
I never liked this name until I just considered it again now and it's so cute! I'd use Trix as a nickname I think, Bay is cute too though. I agree with PP, you might need to go with your own spelling but even then you probably won't avoid some people mispronouncing it :s
i would be one of those people that would say BEE-TRIX


Sorry but I think it will always be pronounced wrong!
Beatrix Potter was the first thing I thought of!
If u love Bay u could go with Bailey!
Not sure why but Bree or Bronte come to mind??
Good luck deciding! smile

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