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how does theses names sound Lock Rss

Cory 14 yrs
Casey 16 months
Bubby due in October

Cory, Casey, Soraya
Cory , Casey, Ryder

My closest sister don't like the name I have chosen for my bubby if a girl
My sister wants soraya Jane ( Jane after her middle. Name )
I. Liked soraya Lee 1st choice
Soraya Jude 2nd choice
Soraya. Rose 3rd choice

I think Soraya Lee ( sounds the prettiest )

Ryder Jesse?
Ryder Jay?
Ryder jett?
Ryder Joey? ?

Decided on Soraya Lee
I think! !!!!!!!

Do you think these names go together? ????
I like ryder jett that name sound nice together
soraya rose sounds pretty together.

Hi smile
I like both your names for boy and girl. I like Soraya Rose best but thats probably because I love using flower names( all my dd's have a flower or plant name for their middle name ). And I like Ryder Jay best for a boy.
Good luck choosing your name for bubby smile

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Not Ryder Jett (Ride a Jet) laugh

What about Soraya Lee Rose?
Soraya Lee is nice.
I like Ryder Jay the best
Soraya is very pretty. It sounds nice with all of the middle names that you have but actually I really like the idea of using Jude!

Ryder is nice too, but when your two boys already have the same first initial, don't you want to keep that going and find another C name?! I think I would!
Soraya leaha
Soraya. Layla
I love the name Layla,but not with Soraya. It kind of rhymes.

I love the name Layla,but not with Soraya. It kind of rhymes.

Very true.
never thought of that.
Soraya Lee for sure! wub
I love the name Ryder & would pick Jay as mn!
U could even have Ryder Lee?
Good luck deciding! smile

mum+1monkey wrote:

Not trying to be rude or anything but i think it pays to double check if you are replying to old posts.

Jude i hope things are getting better, im going through it to and words cant make it better but i wish they could. My love and thoughts are with you and your family.

Yes, good call. Jude, hope you are doing okay, have been thinking of you....

I thought the same thing too, but it must be hard for newer members- how are they to know? Do they have to read through all of a members post history to make sure the post they're replying to is still relevant? It's so easy to miss an announcement on the new forum.
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