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Do you take into account the meaning of a name? Would you not pick a name based on its meaning or origin?
yes we take it into account i dont think it really matters but DH does he used to love the names caleb and eden then he found out what they ment and said that he doesn't want to use them anymore so yeah the meaning put him off the name

alot of people dont worry about the meaning though
Nope, doesn't bother me in the slightest.

The child creates its own meaning, not the other way around.

My DS is named Caleb and it means dog or something but thats not an issue, I'm pretty sure my kid isn't a dog laugh

Everyone loves his name and it suits him, who cares what it means?
I looked up the meanings when we were deciding but it didn't sway us at all. Maybe if it was really bad or a swear word in another language or something it might have put us off...

Do you take into account the meaning of a name? Would you not pick a name based on its meaning or origin?
Both DH and I love Addison for our baby girl wub But it is originally a boys name and means 'son of adam' this sort of puts me off using the name. DH thinks it doesn't matter. What do you think?

If you both love it, use it!! I’ve read that Addison can also mean ‘child of Adam’ (as in Adam and Eve).

It's so hard to agree on a name so if you do, use it!!

I personally like it for a girl. smile
I didn't even know what DD name meant until a couple of weeks ago. We chose it because we liked it and both agreed on it.
It's not as if you go around saying "My name's Addison, which means son of Adam".
I really love that name for a girl and it wouldn't put me off using it.
I looked up meanings for names I liked, and yes I would have not used a name if I didn't like the meaning. Leah was the only name that I crossed off my list though; I really liked it but it means "weary" or something like that.

BUT I really like the name Addison and these days it is used more as a girl's name than a boy's name anyway. Because it isn't really a traditional name, I don't think you need to be worried about traditional meanings. So in this case I'd be less inclined to rule out the name.
Yes it influenced me.
i chose my sons name based on the meaning, but ive always liked the name, not a common one at all, addison is too pretty to be a boys name!
I took both into consideration. I would find a name I liked and then checked the meaning. Although the meaning would have had to be horrid for me not to use it. In the end we settled on Ellie which means God's oath. In my opinion, beautiful name beautiful meaning.

I really like the name Addison for a girl. If you like it then go with it.
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