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Hi all
I've got a baby girl who is 10 1/2 months old and ever since naming her I've had my doubts that it was the right name. Now months and months down the track I just can't shake the feeling I've made a mistake. I've raised it with my partner who initially felt it would be a big deal to change the name and then suggested we raise it with our parents to see what their reaction would be. Well it got a very strong negative reaction from my father and so since then we didn't take it any further. I thought I'd get over it and move on, yet that still hasn't happened and every day I think about it and feel more and more dispondant about it. I cringe whenever I use the name and as its an extremely popular name I am hearing it all the time.
Just wanted some advice from a neutral bunch of people who might have experienced a similar thing or can understand what this is like. I know what a huge deal it would be to change her name so far down the track, but want to know what others think about it out there - should I just give up on it or try to do something about it?
Thanks so much for your input smile
I would go with your heart n gut feeling.. People change names all the time, and at this age, your baby doesnt even really know it, so if you n hubby want to change it, do it. In future years, no-one will ever know.

as for parents and in-laws, if its not this they are critizing, it will be something else.

Have you got another name you are set on?

good luck
I've never really been 100% happy with DD1's name but it is a family name on both sides of our family, it's also really popular. Dh loves it though and I personally wouldn't have changed it, I just tell people that Dh named her smile She is nearly 6yrs and it does suit her but I absolutely love DD2's name, I got to chose whatever I wanted and its beautiful and unique. Sorry I don't have any good advice for you but I can understand how you are feeling.

Hi, I think you should go with your gut feeling. Your daughter's name will be used by you and others every day of her life, and you'll be hearing and saying it more as she gets older. If you're already cringing each time you say it I doubt that's going to go away. It might be a bit annoying to have to fill in the forms to change her name and you might get a few funny looks from friends and family when you tell them, but ultimately she is your daughter and you need to be completely happy with the name you give her. If you have a name you'd prefer, why don't you just try it out for a few days at home before making your final decision? If you find you still think of her as her current name anyway or something then you know smile
I think the best idea is adding another middle name, that way you dont have to worry about what your family say and u can just call her by the name you prefer!
If you can convince dh to add your desired name as a middle name then call her by her middle name. My sister in law is known by her middle name, not sure why she never used her first name, we have just got used to it, and so will your family. Your her parents so you can choose what you want when you want.

In saying that, it took us 30 days after bub's birth to choose a name. I gave in and dh got what he wanted. Its a beautiful name but no one seems to read it the way its spelt so bub is addressed with so many versions of the name (rarely the correct one), drives me insane, but I have learnt to live with it and correct people all the time.

Good luck with the decision, while bub is young, now is the time to change it.
I have two cousins from different families who have had one parent who felt uncomfortable with the name given at birth. One was bought up with an alternative name and she changed her name officially when she was 18. She was ok with it and preferred her revised name. The other the parents decided on a slight alternative spelling of the birth name. He is ok with it and accepts it as his name. But on official records I think it is his birth certificate name.
I think adding a middle name & just calling her by it is great or change her name & make her name now a middle name then your dad can keep calling her that! Nows the time tho if u & ur partner really feel strongly about it!? Good luck deciding! smile

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