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DH has chosen the first name & i need help with a middle name Lock Rss

I thought for our 3rd baby (our son), i would let DH choose the name.
So today he comes home from work & tells me we he has chosen!
Our son will be named Nash. I need some middle name ideas now...

How about your DH's name?

Thanks ladies.

Hippomum - I like Morgan, i think that goes well.

Rissy84 - DH's first son (previous relationship) has his middle name 'Christopher.'
& our DD#2 has part of his first name 'Julian' as her middle name 'Jewel' so i think his name is used enough. lol
I was thinking about DH's late grandfather's middle name 'Thomas'.
What do you all think about 'Nash Thomas'....?

What are your names? Maybe it's your turn to get a mention .....
We have a mate named Nash and our DS middle name is Thomas so I think thats a great combination.
Love the name Nash and I think Thomas goes nicely with it.

Well the Thomas is out... sad
My MIL isn't keen at all on us using her late fathers middle name for our sone middle name! She actually said 'Please don't. I really wouldn't like that'. I guesss i'm ok with her decision. It is her dads name & she really misses him terribly & couldn't handle it. So i'm back to the drawing board.

Some others i have considered are.
Nash Ryder
Nash Jack
Nash Austin

Can i get some more opinions & advise please..?
I think Nash is a hard name to have a flowing middle name with.

Thanks wink

Nash Michael
Nash johnathon
Nash Travis
Nash dylan

You are right it is hard Nash is prob better middle name but as u said its DH's choice.
I like Nash Ryder the best off your list smile
Nash Jack sounds a little funny too me.

Nash Jackson?
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