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We've picked names but what order???? Please help Rss

Hey everyone. I am in the trying to conceive bub #2 atm as I want my little ones to be close inage because I never had that opportunity in my childhood.

I love heaps of names but of course Nick (hubby) doesn't. I've started another thread for babies names for mummies to add their faves but I thought with this thread I would focus on the names that Nick and I like.

****************Here are NICK's faves:


---FIRST NAMES: Ebony, Maeghan, Kailee, Ella, Imogen, Mia, Lillian, Brieanna, Jayne, Lucy, Gabrieele, Kelly, Lydia, Natasha, Hayley
---MIDDLE NAMES:Anabel, May, Pearl, Jade, Kate

---FIRST NAMES: Ryan, Liam, James, Charlie, Simon, Lewis, Saxon, Tyler
---MIDDLE NAMES: Jack, Tyler, Eric

****************Here are MY fave's:


---FIRST NAMES: Ebony, Maeghan, Kailee, Isabelle, Anabel, Ella, Chelsea, Isabella, Rhiannon, Sasha, Hayley, Brieanna
---MIDDLE NAMES: Morgan, Ashlea, Ashlyn, Ruby, Kate, Layla, Madison, Shae, Kirri, Jada, Lucy, Shaeli, Bria, Tahlia, Tahli, Erika, Jayde


---FIRST NAMES: Jordan, Toby, Joel, Mitchell, Thomas, Bailey
---MIDDLE NAMES: Tody, Nicolas, William, Mitchell, James, Saxon, Beau

This is probably all confusing for you all but I don't like many of the names that nick does. We've decided that we will have two middle names. I like:
Kaeli Anabel Kate but think it sounds funny (Kate after Kaeli)
I really like Jordan Nicolas William but Nick hates Jordan, HELP!!!

One more thing, I shouldn't be so confused because most guys don't like hardly any but I mean the ones he likes are kinda not in today! But I am very happy that he chose that many! (I produced a list for him though!

Another thing, he chose Tayah's name because I was so buggered but she was going to be Kaylee Jaine (Kaeli but spelt Kaylee)

Have fun

There are quite a few on there that made it to my short list too.

We had a girl and hubby picked

Isbella Iris-Ann (middle names after great grand mother, and grandmother).

I really wanted Reagan Kate.


I'll give this a try smile

I like Kailee Jade & Brieanna May

As for boys, well they always seem to be harder to pick so here's what i like from the names you & hubby agree on :-

Maybe Saxon Tyler or maybe Tyler Beau

It's hard to pick, so we went with the classic name for our little up coming bundle - it just made things easier. Have you thought about maybe using family names? They're pretty classic & a lot of people go with them!

Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

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