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Middle name for Mitchell Lock Rss

I am expecting my 3rd child and that will make three boys for me.

We have chosen Mitchell as his first name as we like it so much, but do you think we can decide on a second name (DoH!!!!).

Do you have any suggestions?

My other boys names are:
Matthew John and Benjamin Daniel

We have no clue. We have thought about Bradley as a middle name but are unsure.

Hi, it really depends on your last name. Like ours is Foster so a lot sounds really weird with it!

I like Mitchell Lawerance, I don't like Lawerance normally but I like it with Mitchell.

Mitchell Nicolas???


Mitchell James
Mitchell Phillip
Mitchell Christopher

Good Luck, finding the first namde is hard enough

HEY! My bros name is Mitchell! And his Middle name is Scott!
So u would have Mitchell Scott!
Or a few other suggestions are
Mitchell Adam
Mitchell Kyle
Mitchell Dean

anyways there are a few-are u going to keep having babies until u have a girl?
I think I would! Just so I had one little person to go shopping with that would actually enjoy it! LOL!

2 more sleeps

Hi Jo
I think Mitchell Bradley works well and both names go really nice together.
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