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Needs names can't agree on anything!!! Lock Rss

Due in a week and don't know the sex!! We can't decide on anything but middle names- Thomas for a boy and June for a girl!! Last name turner. We have a cooper and a Lucy- and we like names that are not like every second kid is named it!! Please any suggestions!!!!!!
For a boy

For a girl

Brody Thomas
Darcy Thomas
Nate Thomas
Ryder Thomas
Kody Thomas
Zane Thomas

Shaye June
Keeley June
Isla June
Tia June
Phoebe June
Bronte June
Good luck deciding! smile

I love Darcy or Flynn for a boy & Ivy for a girl.

DD is Ava, which wasn't common when she was born, but is getting more & more popular now. DS is Spencer. He is 20mths & I still have not met another one.
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