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Changing her name Lock Rss

hey df and i want to change bubs name

here are our name options:
Tayah (Tay-a)

middle names as well pls


ps here are the other names that we had picked out on our first ever baby name list for the is bub
Charlotte, Sienna, Leah, Skylar, Madeline, Emily, Darcy, Lola, Bethany, Jessica, Quinn, Matilda, Willa, Georgia, Eliza, Anabel, Olivia, Evelyn and Nicole. Feel free tho use this names

dd1 Lucy Anna H

dd2 ???? Katilyn H

Thx ladies
we are still choosing whether to keep katilyn as her middle name we just want middle options!

dd1 Lucy Anna H

dd2 ???? Katilyn H

I like Poppy. I think it goes nicely with Lucy.
Poppy Grace
Poppy Eva
Poppy Jade
Poppy Alice
Poppy Claire
Poppy Ava
Poppy Shae
i like Alexis. i think you should keep Katilyn as the middle name, its very pretty and it has meaning behind it too.

Off your current list I'd go with Taya (I wouldn't bother with a redundant h though, especially if that's what your surname starts with). Here's some other 'T' names: Tara, Tarryn, Talia

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Thanks ladies, df and i are now going to keep Katilyn as the MN

dd1 Lucy Anna H

dd2 ???? Katilyn H

prehaps you wait until baby is born and then choose? I always found it hard to pick a name while baby was inside and found that a name just comes to me when they are born.

I love though you using Kaitlyn as MN

I have a mate with a Lucy and an Ava.

Ava Kaitlyn smile

DD1 is Paige and that goes well with Kaitlyn too smile
From your list I like Sasha and Alexis
I really like Poppy or Sasha! they sound cute. smile Good luck with naming her! x
PlumBum we are just get more options that we like and naming her after birth now. Summer Katilyn is still on our list for after birth!

Other names that were/are our list:

if any of you think would go welll with Katilyn (and Lucy) pls tell me

dd1 Lucy Anna H

dd2 ???? Katilyn H

Bump pls help us with optins

Ps we are also open to other middle names that u think would work well with any of the names. we have two names that we can not use: rose and catherine

dd1 Lucy Anna H

dd2 ???? Katilyn H

hi there smile

my name is poppy! but it's my "english" name my real name is kaliopy.

my dd name is fiona but we were going to call her maeve.

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SunMoonStars wrote:
hi there smilemy name is poppy! but it's my "english" name my real name is dd name is fiona but we were going to call her maeve.
thx we liked meave for a but but than to of our close friends had babies named maeve! It so cute

dd1 Lucy Anna H

dd2 ???? Katilyn H

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