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what do u think Lock Rss

So im due to have my 3rd baby
We already have DS 4 Cody Alan and DD 3 Zoe May
Middle names are family names

So for baby number 3 we like
Nate William
Seth William

Aria Violet
Sienna Ann
Jaycee Ann

Which do you prefer

Nate William & Sienna Ann
Nate William & Jaycee Ann
Nate William and Aria Violet

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Jas* wrote:
Seth William & Aria Violet cool

Agree smile

Donna, mumma to 4, 1 on the way!

summer babes wrote:
Nate William & Sienna Ann


My pick would b Sienna (little bit bias as i have a Sienna lol)

And Nate.
Nate William and Aria Violet.

Love them both, Nate is gorgeous but just doesn't go with our last name sad.

Seth William and Aria Violet!!

I have one of each name used for my children!!

Seth and Sienna. Really like Aria too smile

I think both Seth and Nate William sound great. For a girl prob Aria Violet. I do like Sienna but not with Ann it sounds like a double ann when you say Sienna Ann together.
Thanks ladies, very hard hubby and i disagree on our favs, but we have time on our side to pick a name, i just want it to be the right one

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