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Need more of a classic, but 'cool' name for a boy Lock Rss

Love Dexter smile
Some other suggestions; Emmett, Barnaby, Tobias, Atticus, Phineas (nn Fin), Theo, Dashiell (nn Dash), Zeke, Elias.
Samsom, Logan, Jude, Rhett, Leo, Arlo, Aubrey, Jarvis, Declan, Ronan, Clancy, Darcy, Gabriel, Myles, Ruben
some classic, older and not so common (these days) names you might like...

Roman, Lennox, Elijah, Owen, Reuben, Austin, Vaughn, Preston, Jackson, Mason, Rowan, Bennett , Parker, Harlen, Angelo,Troy, Alexander, Avery, Zane or Zander, Marcus, Ryan, Logan, Greyson, Hunter, Connor.
Hey, I always like to know what others decided on, so I thought I'd share!
We are going with Dexter. smile Due any day now...
Thanks for all your replies!
Love Dexter, its on our top 5.

All the best xxx
Madden is a cool boys name.

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