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Tristan - boy or girl's name? Lock Rss

Definitely a boys name to me smile
Boy! smile

For me its both as I have a cousin who's a Tristan and shes a girl. I also grew up with a lot of boys who were named Tristan, so personally works for both, but to answer your question yes its a good name for a boy.
Ive known both boys and girls named Tristan. I think its just one of those unisex names like Lee/Leigh.
I have a Tristan meaning 'warrior'. Name from the legend of King Arthur and beautiful love story between Tristan and Isolde. There is a Wagner opera based on the story.

Never heard it as a boys name, but can be used for girls.

Perfect name for him he went through a difficult birth and came out fighting (or rather vocal)!
I think of it as a boys name

Its a great name. Love it. xx

My cousin is Tristan and hes a boy, I like it, its not too different but not that common either

I've only known boys named Tristan...personally dont like it for a girl, strikes me as a more masculine name than feminine.
I love Tristan as a boys name. i think it can be both but i think the girls is spelt Tristen.
forgot to add, there is a girls version which is Trista, I do know 2 of those.

Boy's name to me! I like it! smile
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