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8 days to go and still no boys name...HELP!! Lock Rss

Hi All

We have 8 days to go until bubs is due and we still haven't decided on a boys name. We have Freya May picked out for a girl. I like unusual but not crazy names. I thought that we had decided on Mason but when arguing about boys middle names the other day hubby started throwing brand new first names at me smile The issue is that he loves Cooper and that is what our DD would have been if she was a boy (7 years ago) but now that name is too popular and I have a best friend who has a Cooper. Hubby however would still like to use Cooper as a first name. I would be happy to compromise and have Cooper as a middle name but hubby isn't too fussed on Mason Cooper. Our shortlist is:


We did have Zayne but it doesn't go with our surname.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes, Cooper is very popular now. I like Mason and Beau, not too fussed about Zeb. Like MO3C we had Callum on our list and our DS2 is called Ewan.

Based on what you have said I would go with Zeb. Mason is not unusual IMO.

Other ideas Eli, Theo, Corgen or Ezra.
I like Mason & Beau.
Not a fan of Zeb though, sorry x

I agree, Cooper is so very popular these days!
Good luck on deciding a name smile
I never use to be a fan of Beau, I like the name beau when it's said and its growing on me as I hear it more I'm just not sure about it on paper tho. It's the pick of the bunch tho and I feel it's a great name but could become fairly popular. Specially since people are also using the similar Bodhi. Great name
MamaMum wrote:
Based on what you have said I would go with Zeb. Mason is not unusual IMO.

Other ideas Eli, Theo, Corgen or Ezra.

I am keen for other ideas. Not too sure of Corgen but I like Corbin (Korbin)...
I like Mason the best!
What about Nate Cooper??
My hubby liked Cooper & we went with Cody!
Cody Mason sounds awesome too! smile
My friend just had twins called Cooper & Chase!
Good luck deciding! smile

Mason is popular in nz well where ilive but ilike mason the best
Also like coby or lincon

Gud luck with the birth ! smile

Hi I agree Cooper is very common I know 4 boys under 5 named it!

l saw that you may like Z names and friends of mine have recently had a Zai and Zander.

Also as an alternative to Mason which is becoming very popular now I have a family member who named their son Madden which I thought was different but not weird.

Good luck.

I like Mason and Beau. Not a fan of Cooper.

I also like Kye
I have got a little Cooper and Love Love that name. He was a toss up between, Wade, Carter or Cooper smile

If it were up to just me our sons name would be Hunter but I like callum too
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