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Corbin or Nate?? Lock Rss

We are expecting out third boy soon and are down to 2 names but are not sure which way to go. Any thoughts or comments on the names corbin and nate would be appreciated. Our first 2 boys are Damon mark and Brock Thomas. Thanks
I personally like Nate
Nate. Goold Luck

Another vote here for Nate smile
Nate for the win! grin

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

I love both! But I'll go against the grain and say Corbin smile

I love Corbin.
I don't like Nate, to me it sounds like a nickname. Maybe because my DF is Nathan so gets Nate sometimes.
I do like Tate though.
Nate, but I agree with supermummy, I would use Nathaniel but just call him Nate.
Supermummy wrote:
I like Nate but I would use the full version Nathanial with nickname Nate. lol.


I like Nate smile

Definately Nate was my No 1 till found out was pink

Wow everyone is overwhelmingly in favour of Nate! Is that because of the sibset or irrespective of that?

If we did go with Nate, that would be his full name, we are not big on naming a child and then using a nickname.
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