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Changing a middle name! Lock Rss

Hi just interested if anyone has done or if its sounds unusual to be "thinking" to change my girls middle names, my 1st born is Bonnie Louise 22months, i was very confused with the naming when i had Bonnie, my sister and niece also have Louise, Louise is my Mum's name and i love it of course, my 2nd daughter is Grace Jean 5months, Jean is my partner's (we aren't married) Grandmother's name who i don't know she isn't here anymore, the reason i went with Jean was i wasn't sure what else to use, my partner wasn't really pushing for it or anything, anyway to the point, i now feel i really wished i had used Elizabeth for Bonnie my 1st daughter and Louise for my 2nd daughter, i can change them, its quite straight forward, im trying to not think about it but its eating me up, as i get quite obsessed with some things and really want to move on from this but not sure how, any advice would be good thanks, Georgina.
forgot to say Elizabeth is my middle name.
I also have been contemplating changing my daughters names as well. I think just do it. its always going to be an interesting story to tell them when they get older.

there is nothing worse than thinking what should have been!!! =)
Least its only a middle name- I say go for it smile
hi, yes i think you really feel so strong about it then it is meant to be DO IT smile
Go for it smile but the sooner the better so that they r still really young when it changes. I know the feeling of "obsessing" over things with such passion! LoL a huge weight will lift from your shoulders once its done. Good luck!
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