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Thoughts... Lock Rss

What do you think of the baby Boy name...


Thanks! smile
Great name. Love Orlando Bloom for starters and also one of dfs best mates is Orlando and is a great guy. They call him Landie as a nick name.

Great nickname, Lando could work too! smile

Thanks!! x
Love it

Thanks for your honestly, Mum of 3 Cuties... I still love Easton. smile

Orlando is nice. I do like Easton too.

Some others .....
lenon, griffin, magnus, hadleigh, gatsby, haig, arlo, jerome, floyd, sawyer, logan, corbin, dustin, clancy
I like it smile
I think it is a great name.
a very nice name grin

Thank you all so much!! smile
Love it! I love o ending names though smile
Go for it, love it. Prefer it over Easton too. smile
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