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Baby Girl 'A' & 'S' names... Lock Rss

I have an Ayla and an Amber

Ayla has a friend called Selenna which I think is reallt pretty. (Sa-len-na)
I also love Amaya...
I have a friend whose dd is called Asten... I still hav never heard anyone else with this name
My husband liked the name Aliarna but we went with Amber for this bubba

Sorcha (Sor-a)

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Hi, I have a daughter Ariah, my niece is Aslyn and if our last baby was a girl he would of been Asta.. good luck smile

I have seen the name Saoirse not too sure how to pronounce it properly though.

Atahua (means beautiful)

Thanks laides... Lots of options there smile

I am really liking Ariah & Aliarna

Amberlee means beautiful jewel and is not a common name, quite feminine too.
We have an Aylah & get a lot of comments on how pretty it is, & after 5 years we still love it. It is not a real common name, but a very old name. Otherwise some others are Amity, Aleah, Alissa, Sacha or Sadie.
Good luck smile
I do really like Aylah, pretty! smile
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