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How did you decide? Lock Rss

So we're having a boy and I put together a list of names I loved (well 4 I loved and 2 I quite liked). Anyways, I knew all along my DH was going to be painful about names so it took me a while to pluck up the courage to let him know the names I liked for fear of rejection. Anyways, I grew a pair last weekend finally ran them past him and yep...sure enough he said no to all of them. Gutted! Of course he had no suggestions of his own to add to the discussion. So I've sent him back to work (he does FIFO) with the baby name book (I'm sure he'll keep that book hidden from the blokes at work!) under instruction to come up with a list of his own. I've not given up on the names on my list and have since gone and added some more names to the list that I like (but don't love at the moment) but at this point I can imagine our boy being nameless. So I was wondering how did you decide and come to agree on just one name (or did someone win)?

well because the baby gets my dp last name wichh makes me a little guttered as were not married or any thing, I get to the choose the first and middle name.
compromise I think

if he did tell name he absolutely hated the name I would think again but thankfully he loves the name I hav chosen

has ur partner said any names at all?
Our son gotmy partners last name and he picked his middle names ( his dads name and his mothers maiden name as a middle name) so I picked his first name smile bit of compromise though he loved the name I picked, Eli.
~Mel A~ wrote:
Anyways, I grew a pair last weekend finally ran them past him and yep...sure enough he said no to all of them. Gutted! Of course he had no suggestions of his own to add to the discussion.

Your DH sounds just like mine! Our system is I think of the names and DH says yay or nay until we pick the one we both like best.

With ds1 it was easy. I just mentioned a name I loved and that was it! It was before we were married or even thinking about having kids together. We said if we stayed together and had children that would be our sons name smile The next 2 I just made a list of everything I liked and dh crossed off anything he hated. I added to it and crossed off over time too. Eventually after looking at the same names on that list we both just had a gut feeling of maybe 2 or 3 real contenders that felt "right".
When we were pregnant with ds1 we only made a girls list (as we'd chosen the boys name years before!) the girls name we chose we loved so much it was the only girls name we wanted so apart from that first time we've never made a girls list. Thankfully we got to use it for #4 smile
There were a couple over 4 pregnancies that I've been really dissappointed about giving up on because dh didn't like, but lots of others that we did agree on so all good smile I don't think it's ever a good idea to compromise. Don't leave it up to one parent to choose 1st and the other to choose the 2nd. I compromised on ds1 mn and I still wish we'd given him something different - hes 10yo
As soon as we found out we were pregnant we had girls names picked out (he knew that i wanted really girly names as having morgan as my name i got alot of grief as a kid) he actualy suggest two names for girls and i loved them. As for boys names we didnt have a clue lol we ended up having two girls so it worked out well grin
My DH sounds a lot like yours! He said no to just about every name I suggested, and offered no suggestions of him own.
He was really funny when we were choosing. I'd say a name I liked, then he would yell is at the top of his voice to see if he felt stupid shouting the name (he said he was thinking ahead to shouting our childs' name across a crowded room)

Thanks for your replies ladies! There's just so much pressure to choose someone else's name that they have for the rest of their life but have no say in the choosing of it!

Anyways...these are the names on my list (in order of my preference):


The last two are the ones that I consider to be a bit more 'out there/unusual' and while I don't love these names yet they have really grown on me over time.

There are others that I've added just to broaden the scope a little:

Benjamin (love this name but it was my dog's name so not sure if I can actually use it)

Can't think of the rest I added right now...I'm at work and as you can see I'm very busy!

DH wrote down two on the note pad before he left:

Tyson (I don't like this)
Rohan (I actually don't mind this but I think I would spell it Rowan).

If anyone has any suggestions on similar style names then let me know as I feel like I'm done looking so any inspiration would be welcomed smile

We were having trouble agreeing on a name until my mum suggested an old family name. It grew on us so we used it. It took us both a few weeks thinking about it to make sure we both liked it so your man might come back quite liking one in your list after he's had time thinking smile

My beautiful baby boy wss born 18 July 2013

I have a Tyler smile and Nathan and Levi were the other two names at the top of my list!

mel-O wrote:
I have a Tyler smile and Nathan and Levi were the other two names at the top of my list!

We must have similar tastes then lol.

Incidentally...I was a Mel O before I became Mel A smile

i quite like Rowan, Jacob, Nate (better than Nathan).

other ideas

Jack/ Jackson

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

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