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when did you go into labor with each child? Lock Rss

Hi laddies,

I am sure this has been done and i have done a bit of research on it, but i just wanted get a general idea of you huggies mums experiences smile

I will start smile

-DD1 was due on the 3rd but went into labor from the 6th at about 10pm and born on the 8th at 2:06pm

-DD2 was due on the 17th but went into labor on the 18th at about 7:30pm and had her at 5:24am on the 19th

-DD3 was due on the 9th of aug but induced on the 31st of April due to being 'overweight?!' i went into labor at 7:30 pm and DR did not believe me (i was 6cms!) told me she would come in morning to break waters lol.. anyway i had DD3 at 3:24am..

so going by mine, my labors were gradually shorter and possibly the due date closer?

i am curently 24 weeks with D?4 and curious when it will come and if there is ANY chance of going a bit earlier with a quicker labor smile

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Mum of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 angel, 1 on the way!

DS was due on the 11th I went into labour on the 17th at 5.30 am approx and DS was born at 2.29pm that day.

Currently TTC #2 smile

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

With DD I went into labour at 6:00pm on Monday the 2nd (my due date) and gave birth on Thursday the 5th at 4:52pm with 40 minutes of pushing.

With DS I was due on the 29th. My obstetrician gave me a stretch and sweep on Thursday the 17th. I went into labour at about 2:45am on Sunday the 20th and gave birth at 7:40pm that night after 20 minutes of pushing.
I went into labor at 6am I think on the 6th and had him at 11.21am on the 7th after 2 1/2hrs pushing then emergency c section smile
He was due on the 10th
I was 39 weeks and went into labour at 12pm and had DD at 4.10pm, so only a short one for me I am now 37+5 days pregnant smile
DD1 - first contraction at about 5am on the 16th Sept, delivered her at 10:55am the same day. It was her edd, figured it was the one day I was guaranteed to NOT go into labour lol.

DS - registered that the stomach pains I'd been having for the last little while (maybe 30min or so) were actually contractions at about 7pm on the 20th May, delivered him at 10:05pm. It was 9 days before my edd.

DD2 - woke up at about 3am on the 16th of March and just 'knew' I was having her that day. little niggles started at about 4:30/5am but didn't go past the niggles stage. At 4pm I went in for monitoring to check everything was ok since it wasn't progressing like my other labours had. I was already 5cm dilated but the contractions were only just registering on the machines so they did a s&s but let me go home because I live 7min from the hospital. full contractions started at about 6pm and she was born at 8:12pm. Official time in labour was counted from 6pm by the hospital. She was born 2 weeks before my edd.

All 3 of my labours started at around 10pm, almost exactly! 11 days past edd for #1, 6 days past for #2 and 15 days past for #3
Dd1 born via c-sect the next day at 1:30pm
Ds born via c-sect at 4am
Dd2 born at 12:55 am at home after a quick labour

I am kitty wink

[quote post="3546382" name="The One and Only T"][b]The One and Only T wrote[/b]:
You were due in August and induce in April?

LMAO!!! WOW induced in March due in April!.. sorry baby brain! i even told my employer i am due in June but will finish up in August to have baby o.0 don't ask lol i swear i am docile when it comes to months, i know them but always say the wrong one!

Mum of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 angel, 1 on the way!

DS was due 6th August and born 13 days early on the 24 July. Water broke at 1am on the 24th and he was born at 8.42pm after 2½ hours of pushing.

Currently waiting for number two. Im 39 weeks today so any day now. Will hopefully have a shorter amd easier labour.

DS - due on the 29th April, went into labour on May 11th at 8am, had him on May 12th at 8:51pm!

DD1 - due on Dec 23rd, went into labour around 1:30am on the 22nd Dec, had her at 3:34pm that day.

DD2 - was born on her due date, went into labour around 4am, had her that day at 8:16pm.
Ds- due sep 30th, woke up with mild pains on at around 6am sep 20th, he was born at 6.31pm that evening

Dd- scheduled c/section, born 1 week early smile
DS was due 9th and born by VB on the 16th. Contractions woke me at 2am and he was born at 5.49pm.

DD was a little bit of a shock... she was due on 9th and I went into labour at 3pm on the 9th the month before - I don't think she read the "Due Date Memo" correctly!!! I arrived at hospital at 8pm and she was born by VB the following day at 5.02pm. This was after I argued with the anaesthetist ALL day about him giving me an epidural - he came back every hour and every time told me the next visit I was having it.

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